Here is a complete list of our STC's that we currently hold. Just click on the STC for more information. Check back often for new STC's that you could use on your aircraft! We are always in the process of trying to get more things approved for the general aviation community.


Please note that all STCs are for paperwork only.  The customer is responsible for supplying all parts that are required for installing an STC.  STCs are only valid for the tail number purchased and are non-transferable to another aircraft.  We do not reissue STCs or process returns.


If you are interested in having us work with the FAA for STC development, please use the Contact Us form.  We have worked with multiple companies for STC development.  Please note that we charge by the hour whether or not an STC is issued by the FAA.

Disclaimer:  All STCs must be installed following the the installation instructions by a certified aircraft mechanic.  Any modifications made are at the discretion of the aircraft mechanic, whether they are a minor or major deviation.  Svenn's Aviation LLC is not responsible for incorrect installation of STCs or modifications made to the installation of STCs.