SA02734CH: Lightweight Battery and Circuit Breaker Master Switch Installation


If you want your aircraft to loose some weight there is no easier way then to install this simple STC. This STC replaces the original battery with a Power Safe SBS-J16 (similar to the Oddesy) lightweight gel battery, and it goes in the original battery box.


In addition to the lightweight battery installation, this STC allows the option of replacing the original master switch and fuses with a circuit breaker master switch. Also for aircraft that do not have a master and starter solenoid, there is an option for installing them in place of the original equipment along with the lightweight battery.


Applicable models are all Piper PA-22, PA-20, PA-19, PA-18, PA-16, PA-14 and PA-12 aircraft.



Battery STC
Battery STC 2
Battery STC 3
Battery STC 4