SA03061CH: Lycoming O-360 180hp Engine and Accessories Installation


A stock PA-18 has incredible performance but with the 180hp engine it takes it to a complete other level of performance.


Both conical and dynafocal engine options are approved. Below is a list of the approved engine options:

  • Conical: C1A, C1C, C1E, C1G, C2A, C2C, C2D, C2E, C4P
  • Dynafocal: A1A, A1D, A1P, A2A, A2D, A2E, A4D, A4N, A4P

Any other O-360 series engine that is converted to one of the above models in accordance with Lycoming instructions is able to be used with this STC.  The purchase of this STC includes SA02751CH (McCauley Propeller 1A200FA).


The STC requires Rubbert Aircraft Services Lower Cowling STC (SA03035CH) and Engine Baffle STC (SA03034CH) to be installed. With the lower cowl and baffle STC's you will get a brand new FAA PMA'd set of engine baffling and a brand new FAA PMA'd lower cowl and carb air box. Please contact Rubbert Aircraft Services at 701-847-3008 for current pricing on all of their parts and STC's.


This STC is valid on all PA-18 and PA-19 model aircraft.


$1500 (paid by check only)

**We have worked with Rubbert Aircracft Services for a many years. Randy Rubbert, owner of Rubbert Aircraft Services, has been making parts for PA-18's for over 30 years. His cowling, airbox, and baffling makes the 180hp conversion really complete, and many people have gone to Randy for their 180hp conversion parts. His parts have long been known as excellent quality and a favorite in the PA-18 community. We are happy to work with Randy and offer this modification for all model PA-18 and PA-19 aircraft.