Order STC

If you would like to order an STC, please fill out the form below and we will begin processing your order as soon as possible.  Read all of the information so you are aware of our policies and verify the accuracy of all information entered into the form.  If the form is not working or you need assistance, please feel free to email sales@svennsaviation.com.


Please note that all STCs are for paperwork only (with the exception of constant speed propellers purchased with SA03328CH).  The customer is responsible for supplying all parts that are required for installing an STC.  STC cover sheets will be mailed to the address on the form and all other documentation will be emailed.


Payment is required before we will send the STC documentation.  You can pay by check or for orders less than $1000 we can email you a link to pay by credit card through PayPal.  All sales are final.  STCs are NOT refundable or returnable.  The STC is only valid for the tail number purchased and is not transferable (we do not reissue STCs for a different tail number).


*International Orders:  For customers who reside outside the US or use a non-US financial institution, you will also be responsible for an additional $15 ($25 for orders over $500) shipping and handling fee which will be added to your invoice.


Thank you for your business!

Disclaimer:  All STCs must be installed following the the installation instructions by a certified aircraft mechanic.  Any modifications made are at the discretion of the aircraft mechanic, whether they are a minor or major deviation.  Svenn's Aviation LLC is not responsible for incorrect installation of STCs or modifications made to the installation of STCs.