SA02790CH: Modified Wing Tips Installation


These wing tips help to make the aircraft very stable in all realms of flight. The wing surface area is greater than original while the wing span remains basically the same. These wing tips help to give the aircraft a very complete and finished look, and they add a great amount of lift especially when operating on floats or on short strips. Another great part of these wing tips are that they are not droop tips, so if you have droop tips and you are tired of having your line of sight obstructed and hitting your head on the tips look no further.


Although some Piper parts are approved for use with this installation, most of the parts used are supplied from Dakota Cub Aircraft. Their wing tips and full wing ribs are used.  Click on the following link for a full parts list.


Wing Tip STC Parts List


Applicable models are all Piper PA-22 and PA-20 aircraft.



Wing Tips
Wing Tips (under)
Wing Tips (side)