Aircraft And Parts For Sale

Colt Project

(PA 22-108)


A hangar fell on this plane during a tornado. We have the Airworthiness Certificate, all log books, and data plate. The front of the fuselage (rear spar carry through forward) appears to be very straight but the tail was cut off. The wings are destroyed. The tail feathers are bent but could be fixed by someone if they really wanted to take the time.

We will sell the paperwork, fuselage, landing gear, tail feathers, one forward and rear wing spars that appear undamaged, ailerons, entire interior, instrument panel with all instruments, and transponder.

Contact us if you are interested in this project for yourself or if you want it for the parts/paperwork.

All reasonable offers considered. Contact us here or email us at

Aircraft Parts

We have miscellaneous parts in our hangar that we are selling. Please see below for a complete list of parts. All prices are for the item, shipping will be an additional charge.

Vacuum Turn Coordinator Bendix (Part # 1718-25-A2) $75

Vacuum Turn Coordinator Bendix (Part # AN5820-1) $75

Piper Oil Pressure Gauge (PA-18, PA-20, PA-22, etc...) Temp is inop $25

Bendix VSI (Part # AN5825) $75

Rochestor Oil Temp $35

Garwin Attitude Indicator (Part # 23-750-A) $50

Cessna DG (Part # C661075) $200

Manifold Pressure Gauge (Part # AN-5770-1) $75

United Inst. VSI (Part # 7000) $75

Suction Gauge (Part # AN5771-5A) $35 each

United Inst. Airspeed Indicator (PA-24-250) (Part # 51562) $200

United Inst. Altimeter (Part # 5934-3) $375

AC Tachometer Lycoming $50 each

Piper Engine Gauges (PA-24-250) $400

Westach 2A2P EGT with 6 probes $50

Piper Amp Meter $25

PA-20/PA-22 master switch, starter push button and box $50

FlightCom 403 MC Intercom $95

Beechcraft B-4 Brittain Autopilot removed from B-55 Baron $500

Bendix King KR86 ADF with Antenna $50

Garwin Wet Vacuum Pump $75

Vacuum Relief Valve $15 each

Air oil separator for wet vacuum pump $10

Harrison Oil Cooler (Part # AP07AU06-03) $100

Woodward Governor and other governor (Part # 210080) $150 for pair

United Technologies Voltage Regulator and Prestolite Overvoltage Regulator $10 for both

PA-24-250 oil cooler front baffle $100

All reasonable offers considered. Contact us here or email us at