Aircraft For Sale

Colt Project

(PA 22-108)


A hangar fell on this plane during a tornado. We have the Airworthiness Certificate, all log books, and data plate. The front of the fuselage (rear spar carry through forward) appears to be very straight but the tail was cut off. The wings are destroyed. The tail feathers are bent but could be fixed by someone if they really wanted to take the time.

We will sell the paperwork, fuselage, landing gear (it has single puck Cleveland Wheels and brakes), tail feathers, one forward and rear wing spars that appear undamaged, ailerons, entire interior, instrument panel with all instruments, transponder, and comm radio.

We will also rebuild this airplane for you!  Contact us if you are interested in this project for yourself or for us to finish.

All reasonable offers considered. Contact us here or email us at